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How to find a ‘girl-next-door’ for your next date: What to look for in the ‘girl next door’

How do you find a “girl next-door” for your upcoming date?

There are a lot of reasons to go to a club or hotel for your date, but here are five of the top tips.


The club should be a fun, safe environment for all parties to gather.

If you’re just getting into dating and looking for a date, a club is your best bet.

Clubs should be an intimate environment, where everyone feels welcome and where you feel you have no obligation to impress anyone.

“A club is a safe space where people can come together and get to know each other and connect in a casual and open environment,” says Katie S. Smith, a senior associate with the National Association of Realtors.


The room should be private.

A club should provide private rooms, which are usually private rooms.

Private rooms are typically reserved for a specific purpose, such as a group getaway, but not necessarily for dates.


The atmosphere should be relaxed and casual.

You don’t want to have a long, drawn-out conversation or awkward conversations.

There’s no need to take up too much space or to take on too much responsibility.

“Everyone needs to be at ease and relaxed, which is the key to a great date,” says Smith.

“It’s about having fun and being comfortable.

If the person feels uncomfortable, they’re not interested, so you need to be welcoming.”


The venue should have a great ambiance.

“If the club has a good feel, they are more likely to be comfortable with you,” says Sarah L. Smith of the Realtor Association.

“When the club is dark and the club owner is not giving out drinks, people are going to be uncomfortable.”


The location should be safe.

“Club owners are going through a hard time right now and they are trying to find places where they can host more people and not be affected by the current events,” says Brown.

“The more people you have in the club, the better.”