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Escorts get new names: Jacksonville Escorts gets new names

Jackson, Florida – Jackson is known for its escorts and strip clubs.

But now the city is changing its name to Ventura, a name the city’s new mayor says has more cultural and historical significance.

In a city that’s known for a thriving escorts scene, Mayor Mike Yee says his decision to change the name is meant to better reflect the city.

“Ventura is a place that was born, built and changed and it’s still here,” Yee told ABC News.

The city, which has about 7,000 residents, has been called the Strip Club Capital of the World and a hotspot for young professionals.

The name change was the result of an investigation by the city of the names of escorts that were listed on an official city website, the Escorts of America website, and by Jacksons own Escorts.com website, which includes the names and pictures of all escorts.

The Escorts website says the name was chosen in honor of the town’s history of prostitution.

“When you think of it, it’s kind of ironic that we’re in a town that was founded by a lot of young people,” Yees said.

“We’re in the heart of the Caribbean, a place where there are a lot more young people than any other place in America, and a lot have gone to school here.

So it makes sense that we’d be the first to change a name to make sure we weren’t making a statement that we didn’t really want to be a part of.”

The city’s name change came about as a result of a partnership between the city and Jacksson County, Yees city manager, Eric Riggs, told ABC affiliate WJXT.

In March, the city had a public hearing on the name change, and the vote was unanimous.

In May, the council agreed to allow the city to rename itself the Jacksondavirus Escorts, after the virus that has ravaged the United States and other countries.

The town’s mayor says he plans to announce the new name sometime this month.

The mayor says the city was planning on keeping the old name, but changed it as a way to keep the community informed of the citywide name change.

In addition to the Escort website, Jacksonia has a website and Facebook page that allow users to share information on Escorts and the city they call home.

In October, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office released a video in which a young girl explains the new Escorts name.

In the video, the girl explains that the town is known around the world for its “sex workers,” including the Escorting of the Month Club.

The video also shows the young girl in her early 20s wearing a black coat with a red collar, and holding a sign that reads, “I am a human trafficking victim.”

“They are people that have been kidnapped and forced into prostitution and forced to live in a prostitution house,” Yedys wife, Mary, told WJxt.

“And I have a son who has been kidnapped by a john that I haven’t seen since I was 14 years old.

And I’m the only mother of his two children.”