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Why you should ditch Uber and Lyft in 2018

We’re all tired of the ride-hailing and ride-sharing services, but we still love our car-hiring counterparts.

We can’t get enough of these companies and what makes them so compelling.

There are countless reasons to ditch these companies.

Here’s a list of the reasons why.1.

UberX: It’s time to give up car-pooling and UberX will save you money.

With an estimated $5 billion in annual revenues, UberX is one of the largest and most popular ride-share services.

It’s a service that’s good for businesses, individuals and the environment.

But we can’t all drive for Uber, right?

This is why we’re recommending you ditch UberX and Lyft.2.

Uber Black: This service will help you avoid some of the worst driver and vehicle accidents in the US.

Uber is a company that has made many improvements to their driver training and safety, but they still don’t offer driver training in every area of the country.

With Black, Uber offers drivers a more personalized experience that makes the driver feel like a valued member of the community.

They have more than 2,000 Uber locations in America, and it’s one of their best selling services.3.

Lyft: If you have a car and a driver, you should definitely try Lyft.

This service is a lot more than a ride-and-drive service, it’s a platform where you can earn money by taking passengers.

It offers flexible hours and the option to book multiple dates in a week, but Lyft is also one of Uber’s biggest drivers.

With Lyft, you can get a discounted rate for a trip and get paid for the ride.4.

UberEATS: If your ride is part of an Uber-owned business, this service is the way to go.

Uber provides a driver-based platform where drivers can earn extra money.

You can earn cash by driving and receiving tips.

There’s also a bonus for UberEAT drivers who get an UberEats Gold badge.5.

Uber X: It has a lot of competition in the taxi business.

But if you’re looking for a safe, hassle-free, reliable, and affordable alternative to Uber, check out UberX.

This ride-hire service will take your car and make it as safe as possible.

It has an automated and fully automated system, and there’s no need for a driver.6.

LyftFare: Lyft offers unlimited rides, discounted rates, and more.

Lyft offers drivers incentives and rewards that will save them money.

The app is very simple and you don’t need a credit card to use.7.

UberBlack: This app allows you to book and book multiple trips in a day.

You’ll earn money when you get your driver’s license and a car.

You don’t even need to own a car or pay for a car in the first place.8.

LyftMiles: This is a fantastic alternative to carpooling.

This is not just a ride sharing service, but a transportation company that offers a car-sharing option.

Lyft has a great platform where riders can earn up to $25 per trip.9.

UberWings: Uber is the only ride- and ride share company in the world that is the primary driver of its own vehicles.

This company is responsible for the safety of its drivers and passengers.10.


Grab is an online taxi service that allows you take a passenger anywhere in the U.S. with no need to be at home.

Grab has a huge network of locations across the U, and Grab drivers are always there to provide you with a safe ride.11.

UberPool: If there’s a carpool, this is the one to get.

You get a small payment for taking the same passenger in your car, but it’s always on your terms.12.

Uber Taxi: This rideshare service will let you get a car, get cash, and get out of your car on your own terms.

Uber has a good reputation with consumers and there are several drivers who have been on our list.

This ridesharing service is available in many states.13.

UberXL: If the rideshare industry is booming, you need to make sure you can make use of UberXL.

Uber makes it easy for riders to make money from rideshared vehicles.14.

ZipCar: ZipCar allows you make a payment online or at the point of sale.

The payments can be made in cash or credit card and it gives you access to drivers who are willing to work as drivers for you.

The driver-focused company also offers incentives to drivers.

ZipCar is available to drivers across the United States and the U: zipcar.com ZipCar offers drivers cash, credit cards, and rideshares to the customers.15.

LyftCourier: LyftCouch allows you connect with drivers at home or remotely and make money off your ride.

Lyft couriers drivers across Canada and the United Kingdom