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How to deal with the Orlando Escorts

A new lawsuit filed against the owners of a Orlando escort agency claims the owners are discriminating against black customers by barring them from the establishment, while ignoring or denying the existence of racism.

The lawsuit filed Monday in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida says the owners refuse to accommodate the black clientele that frequent the escort services, saying it’s their right to do so.

The suit alleges that the escorts, known as Roxxxy, have a history of discrimination.

It claims that in 2013, Roxxxys owner, Randal Simmons, allegedly discriminated against black and Latino clients by not allowing them to work for the agency.

The suit alleges Simmons retaliated by excluding blacks from Roxxxyzys clientele and by denying them access to its business.

The Roxxxyls website states that Roxxxxxys is the largest escort agency in the world.

The lawsuit claims Roxxxyy’s clientele is primarily African American and Latino.