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Which New Zealand escort services are hot?

Auckland, New Zealand (AFP) New Zealand’s most popular escort services were among the biggest beneficiaries of a wave of new laws introduced in 2018 that allow men to have sex with women without the need for a licence.

The changes allow the sale of adult videos, in which a woman’s body is partially exposed, without a licence requirement.

The industry has been battered by a rise in criminal activity.

But some are claiming the changes are just the beginning.

“We’ve been fighting for more than two years for this, to get it right and to get this changed,” said a man who declined to be named for fear of being labelled a predator.

He said he paid up to $40,000 to have two young women sex with him, a woman he met online.

“I didn’t even know it was legal.”

But it was all a long time coming.

“The industry was struggling for years before we finally had this change.

And then it just exploded,” he said.

He has not yet had his third sex with a woman, but said the experience was “beautiful”.

“I don’t know if it was the sex or the environment but the experience of this has been wonderful,” he added.

New Zealand’s largest escort company, Escorts New Zealand, said it is also pleased to see the new laws being rolled out.

“While it’s a welcome change for our business, the reality is there are a lot of different factors behind it,” chief executive Robyn Giesbrecht said.

“It’s still up to the individual and the individual’s own experience.”

Escorts New York has also been encouraging its clients to use new technology to better protect themselves from the predators.

“As we continue to expand our services, we are also looking to add new safety measures and ways to protect our clients,” chief marketing officer Sarah Larkin said.

The number of New Zealanders soliciting sex has more than doubled since the change, with some men reporting having sex with more than 200 women since 2018.

The National Crime Agency has warned that it’s unlikely many will be deterred from contacting the police.

But the latest data from the sex industry website Rentboys.co.nz shows the majority of men aged 18 to 34 have sex at least once a week, while some are more likely to engage in it twice or more.