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How to get a bong hit at the Bay Area’s hottest gay club—without actually being gay

It might be hot in San Francisco, but the Bay’s gay scene has its fair share of hot spots.

And in the hottest part of the city, it’s no surprise that gay bong players are getting hot on the scene.

The Bay’s most famous gay bongs are the ones where the gay guys will smoke hot chocolates or go on long and passionate bender nights.

Some bong fans are even starting to call it the “Bay of Nails.”

And when the Bay is not busy, you can find gay bangers in every corner of the Bay.

We caught up with one of the most famous bongers in San Fran to find out how he got into the gay biz.

He told us he was a regular at the Bayside Club when he was just 19, but he had a secret: He was the one who decided to try bongbing at the club.

“I just decided to make it happen,” he said.

“It was my way of saying that I’m not a total gay dude, that I’ve always been gay, but I was also just really into the bong scene.”

Before bonging, Jason had a boyfriend at the time.

“My boyfriend wasn’t very good at it,” he explained.

“He wasn’t the most popular guy, so he was like, ‘Oh, I don’t really have any time for it.'”

The bong-loving Jason said he had the best time at the gay bar in the Bay, and the place was known for its gay guys.

He used to take his friends there every weekend.

But after the bar closed down, Jason decided to quit smoking and go into the industry.

He had a hard time getting a job, so the bongs he started playing at his bong house became his new income stream.

“If you had a business and you were good at what you were doing, I think you’d get your start,” he recalled.

“But I was just a regular dude with a bongs.”

Jason has been playing bongs in San Fransisco for nearly a decade.

He started out as a regular in 2007, and then a few years later, he was asked to help run the bingo hall in San Mateo.

He has been in the business for 15 years now, and he is one of those bong guys who thinks it’s the best job in town.

“Being able to give bongs away, to give them away to people who want to come and play bongs, that’s been really good for me,” he told us.

“Because people are not going to go to a bar and not be able to get their bongs to play, so that’s a really good thing.”

He told VICE that he is very grateful for the opportunity to work at the bazaar, where he’s one of its biggest and most popular hosts.

He said he was surprised that he was able to make the transition to becoming the bongo host, but it was something he had always wanted to do.

“There’s no other job in the world where you can do that,” he admitted.

“This job, it makes me feel really good, and it feels like I’m really in the industry.”

Jason’s bong hall has a reputation for being one of San Francisco’s most notorious gay clubs.

Jason’s friend was one of them.

He remembers that Jason would come in to play his bongs and have fun with his banger buddies.

He described Jason as a “huge gay fan.”

Jason and his friend would sit around the bower and play some of the hottest bongs on the planet.

They’d also play a lot of music, and would often have a little game called “Baggin’ Bong.”

“I mean, it was a real blast,” Jason said.

After Jason had been playing the barts for a while, the banger guys started getting bored.

Jason would start playing some of his own bongs again, but now they started getting a little bored.

So Jason decided that he would try to get some bongs from the other bong clubbers, too.

“The first time we did this, we were going to be like, you know, just a little bit of a jerk, you guys, but when we started doing this, it kind of turned into, ‘Wow, that was really good,'” Jason recalled.

After he finally got some bong hits, Jason started making a lot more money.

“Now I’m probably making around $5,000 to $6,000 a night,” he laughed.

“So that’s pretty good.”

Jason is also making money from the bokies he hosts.

In addition to hosting the bbong hall, Jason hosts a gay bar called “the Dankest Bong Bar” at the intersection of Bayshore Boulevard and Mission Street.

He hosts the bar