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How to become an Orange County Escorts escort with an Orange High School diploma

New York, NY—(NY)—Orange County Escort has a new app for those looking to take their escorts to the next level. 

The new app,  Orange High, is now available to download and users can create a profile and add escort photos. 

Users can also search for other escort app’s names or photos and choose to post or share their photos.

Orange High is designed for escorts who want to be part of an escort community. 

“Orange High will enable you to create an escort account with your friends and find a great escort that suits you,” the Orange County Sheriff’s Department released in a press release. 

According to the release, the app will allow the users to search for escort photos and profiles, and post photos to the “Hot List” and “Aging Escort” profiles. 

Orange High also allows the users access to escort escort’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, allowing users to view their profiles.

Users can choose to upload and view their escorting photos from their phone, iPad or PC. 

However, it is not clear how the Orange County Police Department will be able to access a user’s photos and videos without a court order. 

It is not known if the Orange High app is free or if it will be available to the public. 

[Featured Image by Orange County Sheriffs Department]