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Iran’s new ambassador to the US says he wants to improve ties with US

Tehran’s new envoy to the United States, Mohamed Shabani, has said that he wants the US to help it develop a more peaceful environment, as part of the country’s bid to become a regional power.

Shabani spoke to Al Jazeera on Monday, a day after the United Nations and the Trump administration warned that Iran’s recent nuclear deal with world powers would not stop the country from developing nuclear weapons.

Shabbani, the head of the United Arab Emirates’ delegation to the UN General Assembly, said Iran was ready to work with the United State to reach a nuclear deal.

Iran is believed to be developing a nuclear bomb, and has been developing missiles with ranges that could reach US territory.

The US and Israel have long sought to use the deal to force Iran to give up its nuclear ambitions.

Iran’s foreign ministry issued a statement saying the ambassador was speaking on behalf of Iran’s government.

“The Foreign Ministry of Iran, in order to provide an objective and objective picture, will soon issue a joint statement on the situation in the world,” it said.

“Shabbaneyeh’s statement confirms the fact that the world is concerned by the growing number of violations of international law and international norms and standards, and is ready to assist Iran to deal with them.”

The statement, which was published on Iran’s state television, added that the foreign ministry would “continue to support and strengthen dialogue between the world powers and Iran”.

The statement also said Iran had no plans to build a nuclear weapon.

“Iran is developing a peaceful nuclear programme,” the statement said.

“It will not be building a nuclear-capable nuclear weapon.”

The Trump administration said that the nuclear deal would not be able to prevent Iran from developing a bomb, because it did not address Iran’s alleged pursuit of nuclear weapons as part the deal.

“We are not going to make a deal that is based on a one-sided deal that does not include the possibility of an Iranian nuclear bomb,” the US State Department said.

On Monday, the Trump White House issued a joint press statement with Israel, saying the United Kingdom would soon announce a new initiative to work together with Iran to ensure its nuclear programme was peaceful.

The statement said that Trump will also visit Israel to reaffirm US support for the “historic” agreement between Israel and Iran, which “has created a lasting friendship and security relationship”.

In March, Israel said it was ready for talks with Iran, but was not prepared to meet with Tehran on its nuclear program.

Iran said on Sunday that it would take part in a planned summit between Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but did not mention the nuclear talks.

The White House and Israel did not immediately respond to a request for comment.