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Florida escort website shut down after being targeted by hackers

A Florida escort site has been shut down following the discovery of malware that allowed the hacker group Lizard Squad to steal credit card information, access personal data and log into accounts.

The Florida escort company, The Princess of the Emerald Palace, shut down in early October after discovering the malware, according to its website.

Lizard Squad, a Russian-language group with ties to Russia and the GRU, targeted the company because it offered to pay for “gifts” from visitors.

“We were hit by a ransomware attack,” Princess of Emerald Palace CEO, Jennifer Hensley, told ABC News.

“We received a notification on our website today saying that we are being shut down.

I don’t know what we did wrong.

I’m still trying to process it.

It is so hard to process.”

She added that her company is working with security experts and is taking steps to address the situation.

“Our goal is to stay in the business of providing quality escort services and we want to be transparent about what happened to us,” Hensleys told ABCNews.com.

Hensley said she does not believe Lizard Squad stole the data, but is concerned that a compromise of the company’s systems could have allowed the hackers to steal personal information from the account holders.

Hinsley said the company has experienced some downtime and that she was not aware of any customer information being stolen.

The Princess of Columbia Escort is one of many escort companies in Florida that have been hit by cyberattacks in recent months.

Henslee said the attack was a result of Lizard Squad’s attack on The Princesses.

Hesley said Princess of Washington has also experienced a ransomware hack that compromised some personal information and that the company is investigating how to restore the data.

The company is still accepting new clients.

The website of The Princesse of the Red Rose also was hacked, according the website.

Princesses of Washington, a state in the South West of the U.S., is known for its beautiful beaches, but the company did not disclose the nature of the breach.

The company is taking precautions to protect their customer information, Hensleys said.

She said the site is still working to fix the issue.ABC News’ Amy Nelms contributed to this report.