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How to save a few bucks by renting a private cabin in Thailand

The cheapest way to save money is to hire a private accommodation, according to a report from the Times of India.

The Times reports that if you live in a city where there are no more than three hotels, the cheapest option to save is to rent a private hotel, where a person can stay in one room.

This option is also available for couples.

The cost of a private room is around Rs 5,000, which is significantly less than the price of a standard-size hotel.

You can also rent a single room from a hotel, which will save you up to 50% of your cost.

You also have the option of renting a hotel room for a year at Rs 20,000 per night, which can be booked for the duration of your stay.

You will have to pay the hotel operator the daily hotel bill, which should be about Rs. 30,000.

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