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When you’re a ‘star’ and you’re having a bad day, escort Las Vegas gets a new name

Las Vegas has become the first city to formally recognize the women’s escort industry as a “sex industry” and, for the first time, the city’s top two escorts are also part of the same union.

The Associated Press on Friday reported that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the state Attorney General’s Office and the Las Angles Police Department all signed an agreement that will make it illegal for anyone to discriminate against women and give them preferential treatment.

It comes after an AP investigation found that several women had been paid less than $1,000 each for sex work.


(AP) Ladies, I’m here to help you.

We are not looking for money, we are looking for your services.

We’re here to make you feel good.

And you are going to get it.

That’s the goal of a new contract signed by Las Vegas’ top two escort unions that will take effect July 1.

The agreements come after an investigation by AP found that at least nine women who worked as “star” women at a Las Vegas hotel had been illegally paid less that $1.00 each for their work.

One of those women was paid a total of $3,000 for her work.

Another escort, named Gloria, who was a star of the Las Venegas strip, earned $2,000.

The others included Maria, who earned $1 per sex act; Marcela, who made $1; and a third escort, called Liza, who got paid $1 a sex act.

They said they did the work for a living.

Liza’s new contract also provides her with the ability to negotiate on her own terms and is the first in the country to include the names of the escorts involved in the agreement.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman said she and her fellow leaders were pleased to work with the industry, which has flourished in the city for decades.

She said the agreements will make the city a more welcoming place for women and girls.

“It’s a big change for Las Vegas,” Goodman said.

“They’re a very diverse group.

I’m sure this is a first step in the right direction.”

The agreements are signed by the Nevada State Sheriffs Office, Las Vegas Police Department and Las Vegas Supervisors of Police.

Las Vegas Mayor Michael Johnson said the agreement is part of a national effort to combat sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

The Nevada Attorney General is also involved in its own agreement to combat trafficking and exploitation.

In June, the AG announced a crackdown on prostitution, including mandatory prostitution training and the creation of a task force to track down sex workers who were being exploited.

Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt announced a new crackdown on trafficking and prostitution in Las Vegas in July.

(Photo: Las Vegas police)The contracts also offer a boost to the women, who are in a constant battle to make ends meet.

The women have been unable to pay bills on time or have the ability or the desire to start families.

They are often working as a pair, said Gloria, a 27-year-old who said she is now working as an escort for a couple of years.

“I think we have all reached a point where the work has become a luxury, it’s no longer a way to make a living,” Gloria said.

“We have to work for what we want to make it happen.”

Las Vegas is not the only city to recognize the industry.

New York City has banned escort services and the city of Los Angeles recently approved the introduction of an escort registry.

Las Venegos top two female escorts said they are grateful for the recognition and want the city to follow suit.

“They have a lot of support here, they are doing good work, we just want to keep doing what we’re doing,” said Gloria.

“It’s the only way to do it.”