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‘They are going to take us down’: Woman who filmed Trump and his wife kissing has been accused of sexual assault

A woman who filmed the husband and wife kissing on a hotel elevator in New York last week has been charged with felony assault.

Eros Escalante, 34, was arrested on Monday and booked into Nassau County jail.

She was arrested after police say she allegedly sexually assaulted her roommate.

The roommate reported the alleged assault to police on Monday, according to a criminal complaint obtained by The Associated Press.

Authorities say Escalance was allegedly sexually assaulting her roommate at a hotel in New Brunswick on Dec. 4, when she was reportedly able to “smell her roommate’s scent” and then “she grabbed her arm and began to pull her arm out of her pants,” the complaint said.

The roommate reportedly “made a loud scream of pain,” and was able to call 911.

Escalance, a former waitress at a Manhattan restaurant, had been fired from her job and was staying at a friend’s apartment.

A judge has not yet set bail for Escalances lawyer, the complaint says.