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New Florida escort company offers free sex for $1M, court records say

A Florida escort service is offering free sex to a married couple in exchange for a $1 million bond and a promise that the couple will not pursue legal action against the company.

In court documents filed Monday, Florida-based Ashley Madison claims the company was not legally required to pay the $100,000 bond, which is required for a warrant to be issued for a child custody hearing.

According to the court records, the couple paid $1,000 each to Ashley Madison’s agents in exchange to arrange for an escort to appear for a deposition on June 17, which was scheduled to take place at a Miami-Dade County court in front of a judge.

The documents also claim the escort service then arranged for the couple to pay an additional $100 per hour for sex that same day.

The court documents also allege the escort services representatives provided the couple with false information to facilitate their booking of the court date, and that the escort company did not pay the two of them.

The lawsuit also alleges that Ashley Madison did not provide the couple’s name and phone number to the couple, as required under Florida law.

The couple is represented by David E. DeSantis, a former federal prosecutor who is now the attorney for the U.S. attorney for Florida.

The attorney’s office did not immediately return a request for comment.

The company is seeking to recover the money and seek a permanent injunction preventing the couple from pursuing any further actions against Ashley Madison.

The Miami Herald previously reported that Ashley-Madison claimed that its service is designed to allow married couples to meet other people online and “without having to share any personal details with each other.”

The company said that it did not allow any forms of sex acts or sex acts as a result of the law enforcement investigation, but that it does allow users to meet others in real life.