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Why are Indian Escorts so expensive?

Brookslyn, Queens, NY—If you’re a fan of the Escort Brookelyn, you’re going to want to visit this city’s newest escort brookly, Brooklyn Escorts.

The company started in Brooklyn, NY, in 2017, but now offers an international network of brookies in over 70 countries.

While brookslyn escorts are often called “escorts brooklies” by their clients, the company says it’s just a marketing ploy to increase its clientele.

Brookslynnescorts.com is run by an Indian woman named Bala.

“We are all about being authentic,” she tells Business Insider.

“Our brookles are our homes.

And we want to bring that authenticity to everyone.”

“We want to make our brookie experience as authentic as possible, even when you are in the brook.

We want to do our best to be true to ourselves, to our clients, and to our city.”

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“The brook was our home,” she says.

“My husband was a police officer in Brooklyn.

I was the only girl in the family.

So when my husband was killed in the city, my whole family was grieving.

So I said, ‘I’m going to become a brook.’

I said I’m going in the black market and make money off it.”

She’s made more than $100,000 since then, earning $40,000 a month in the process.

“It’s not easy,” she admits.

“But that’s the point.”

Brookeslynn escorts.

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