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What to do when you’re in an alligator escort’s way

The internet is full of stories about alligators that make your skin crawl, and you might want to stay away from them.

Here are some of the more notable stories:  When a Florida man was confronted by a group of alligators he was trying to scare off, he used a shotgun to shoot one of the alligators.

The alligator fled the scene.

When a New Jersey man tried to scare an alligators off his property with a gun, he got bitten and nearly died.

A Louisiana man called 911 to report a “big alligator” trying to get at his dog.

An Arizona man called police to report that a “alligator” was chasing him through the yard, which was a “dangerous area.”

In Georgia, an all-female group of seven women called the police after an all male group of 12 men surrounded them and attempted to attack them.

If you’re thinking of getting bitten in the line of duty, here’s what to do if you get bitten: Don’t panic.

Just keep calm, breathe and do not move, according to the Georgia Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

You don’t want to get bit, it’s too bad.

If you do get bitten, call a vet.

You can always go to the nearest emergency room, but it is best to go to a veterinary emergency room.

You can also call the National Park Service National Animal Emergency Hotline at 1-800-742-7333, or you can text 1-888-474-7233.

What to do after you get bit: Take a deep breath and let the pain go.

Don’t try to bite out of desperation.

Go to the vet, get stitches and have stitches removed.

Don ‘t let the alligator know you’ve been bitten.

It’s a good idea to wear a mask and go to bed with your hands on your stomach.

If it is still painful, you can try a topical anesthetic, like Tylenol or aspirin.

You might be able to avoid getting bitten if you do not have to move, but a bite from a venomous animal is a dangerous thing to do.

Stay calm and don’t let the fear take over.

It is very hard to move your body when you are under a lot of stress.

Just remember, we all have the ability to move.

Don’ t let fear take your mind off the threat.

If something is happening that you need to protect yourself from, you should call 911.

If a vet tells you to call 911, the best thing to call is to stay calm and tell them where you are, according the Georgia Dept of Wildlife & Fisheries.

How to get bitten again: Get a band-aid, a bandage, a Band-Aid Band-Aids, a mask or a pair of gloves and use them when you can.

Do not go to an emergency room or call 911 until you have all your band-AIDs and band-aids removed.

If your alligator bites again, call 911 and do so within 15 minutes of the first bite.