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Which of the “new wave” escorts has a better reputation?

The Escorts of Las Vegas is an Escort Show, a new series on IGN that airs Fridays at 8 p.m.

ET on IGN.

It’s hosted by Escort-turned-Game-show host Katie Cerny, who recently got her first job with Escorts.

In the first episode, Katie asks a woman named “Lena” who’s the hottest escort to date.

“It’s not the hottest,” Lena tells Lena, “but you know what?

It’s the best escort I’ve ever worked with.”

The episode is a showcase of Lena’s work, but the real stars are the Escort and Escort Girl teams Lena has brought together.

The Escort Team Lena has been working with is an amalgamation of escorts who have had the opportunity to work together, including Jenna Jameson, Lauren Rose, Tiffany Graham, and Liza.

The team includes Lauren Rose and Jenna Jamesons “lady friend,” Tiffany Graham (whose work Lena recently had the chance to interview), Jenna Jamesonian, Lauren and Lila Rose, and Jenna’s husband, Jason Jameson.

Lauren Rose was also part of the team that Lena and Jenna interviewed.

It was also Lauren who brought Liza back to Los Angeles after the show to be the host of “The Escort Experience” (a program hosted by Lena) for the first time.

The Escorts team also includes Liza, who’s a longtime escort.

She’s one of the most popular escort girls around, and she’s also one of Lena and Katie’s biggest fans.

“Liza is the reason I love being a game show host,” Lena says.

“She’s such a sweetheart.

She knows how to make you feel good and how to be gentle and sweet, and I’m so lucky to have her as my escort.”

The Escorting Team Lena also has a history of bringing celebrities to the show.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lena said that she’s had celebrities ask her for autographs, and they usually do a lot more if they have the opportunity.

“I’ll take a photo of them and send them an e-mail.

And sometimes I’ll send them a photo and say, ‘You know what, if you want to give this person a hug, I’d love to have that.

Just give them my autograph,'” Lena said.

“They don’t have to even ask.

It happens every day.”

Lena has also brought in many other famous stars, including Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and Jennifer Lawrence.

She has also helped bring in “The Ashley” (and, in one episode, the “Misfits” and “Masters of Sex”).

In a recent interview with Esquire magazine, Lena spoke about some of the other celebrity guests who have appeared on the show, including Jennifer Lawrence, who she said was the best.

“Jennifer is the best,” Lena said of the actress.

“But I love Jennifer.”

The team has also been able to bring in some of their fans and celebrities who might not normally be able to make it on the Escorts show.

Lena has had people come to the hotel and ask to have autographs with Lena.

For example, a fan from San Francisco who wanted to have a photo with Lena at the hotel after the season ended.

Lena said she told the fan that she wouldn’t give him the autograph because of the circumstances, but he did it anyway.

“He’s been to a lot of the shows, and he’s a very nice guy,” Lena told the magazine.

The fans Lena has worked with are also the fans Lena is most grateful for.

“The fans are the most incredible.

They make the show what it is,” Lena, who has been dating actress Adam Driver for a year, told Esquire.

“There’s nothing else like it.

They’re so supportive.

They’ve given me the support I need to make this show what I want it to be.”