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Orlando escorts find a new home in New Orleans

The Orlando escorting business has a new owner and it has been a long time coming.

A new lease on life for Orlando escort owner Amanda “Amanda” Smith and her husband, Mark Smith, came on Aug. 1 after the Orlando Sentinel first reported that the couple had purchased the downtown Orlando strip club from a former owner.

Amanda, who works for the company as an escort, said they bought the strip club in October to make a comeback and to open a location in downtown Orlando.

She said the new lease agreement was a long-awaited first step in her business’s comeback.

“We’ve been in this for a long while,” she said.

“We’ve wanted to reopen for a very long time.

It was just an immediate need.”

The couple said the business will operate out of the downtown strip club on the same property.

Amandas husband, who also works in the business, said the club’s future is in good hands.

“I think it’s great for the neighborhood,” Mark Smith said.

“It’s definitely a step in the right direction,” Amanda said.

The couple and their partners were planning to open their new Orlando strip clubs in late September, but the club owners, who are not affiliated with the escort service, said earlier this week that they planned to open the clubs later in the year.

“That was a great day for our family,” Mark said.

Amnesty Smith and Mark Smith.

(Courtesy of Amanda Smith)