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How to escort someone in a hurry and make it worth their while

A Houston escort has been caught on video in a rush to get a woman home after a long night of partying.

The video of the escort is captured by a customer and posted to YouTube, but the escort’s account was taken down Monday.

Houston escort Kayla Mardan is seen in the video at her home in Houston.

She’s seen at the start of the video saying she will do everything to get home safely, but then adds she’ll be getting home by the time her husband arrives.

She was apparently caught in a traffic jam by police as she tried to leave the home, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Police were called and were forced to take her away from the house.

She later posted a video on Facebook explaining what happened.

In the video, Mardant said she was having a bad night and couldn’t get to her car because of the traffic jam.

She said she had her keys in the car and when she got out, the car’s hood was stuck.

Mardant was charged with driving under the influence of drugs, resisting arrest and driving without a license.

She posted bond and posted on Facebook that she was released.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office has not announced if Mardand will face any criminal charges.