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‘Hotel of the Century’ for escorts

Fort lauderde, S.C. — Escorts from the upscale Hilton Fort Lauderdale, the newest addition to the Hotels of the South, will have the pleasure of sharing the hotel with other top escorts from all over the world in 2019.

The newly renovated Hilton Fort Linton is scheduled to open its doors Jan. 1, 2019.

The hotel is scheduled for an initial occupancy rate of 5% on average, but it could reach even higher rates in the coming months.

“The hotel will be the most luxurious of its kind in the Southeast, and I can promise you that it will be a hit,” said Lauren Kuehn, executive vice president and general manager of Hotels & Resorts International Inc., which manages the Hilton Fort Lauderdome.

Hotel guests will also enjoy exclusive events, including concerts and movie nights, with a wide variety of entertainment options, from live entertainment to cocktail receptions.

On top of that, guests can enjoy the luxurious amenities of a suite, and get more than $300 per night in complimentary service on the Fort Lauderds.

One of the highlights will be an event called the Fort Landon Day, when the hotel will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the hotel by giving guests a commemorative bottle of wine to enjoy at the hotel’s reception.

It’s an opportunity for guests to pay their respects to the hotel, said Kuehm.

The hotel is also the only hotel in the country that offers spa treatments and massage.

It offers an exclusive suite for massage, and a massage table with a private bathroom for clients.

Hilton Fort Lauderdale is also bringing its award-winning spa to Fort Lauderdale.

It is the first hotel in South Carolina to offer a full-service spa at a spa in the same hotel as the hotel.

As the brand expands, Hotels are also expanding.

The Hilton Fort Marietta Hotel, which opened in 2012, will open next year, with the first four suites being reserved for escort services, according to the company.