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How to get your dream date in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanois capital is a buzzing, bustling city.

On the outskirts are the sprawling skyscrapers of the Old City, and on the city’s east side are sprawling metropolises like Ho Chi Minh City, the heart of the Vietnamese Revolution.

The Vietnamese people are passionate about their food, and Hano’s cuisine has been in demand for years.

Hano also hosts many famous American entertainers, including John Cusack and James Franco, but it also has a vibrant arts scene and a rich history.

Here, in a city that prides itself on being a hub for American culture, it’s easy to forget that it’s also home to one of the most famous escorts in the world.

When American actress and writer Laura Dern was hired to portray the lead of a romantic comedy, she knew she’d be a good fit for the role.

“I love being able to bring my own style to the part and I really enjoy being a performer, especially when I’m not being paid to do it,” Dern told The Wall St. Journal in 2014.

“So I was excited to meet the owner of a local escort agency, and that was a natural fit.”

Laura Derr, who is a Vietnam native, said she got the job because she was an “escort, not a prostitute,” which was one of her primary concerns.

She met the owner, a beautiful, friendly woman named Phu Dinh, and they hit it off immediately.

The two were immediately hooked.

“She’s really a good person and she has a great sense of humor,” Derr said of Phu.

She also said the agency is “really welcoming.”

Dern said she has worked in the industry for over 15 years and has been “on the road for 15 years.”

She was on her first date in Thailand when she was hired.

The agent told her that she would have to go to the hotel room of a friend and that she could not go out without her friend’s permission.

The next day, she found herself on the street with a stranger in a blue coat.

Dern had never had to work with someone in her life before.

She thought, “Why not?”

But when she got to the location, she saw the guy who took her to her hotel room was actually the same guy who had taken her to his hotel room in Thailand a few months earlier.

The man said, “I’m here to do you a favor.

I’m here for you.

You’re my best friend.

We can do this.”

Derm was shocked and embarrassed.

She was just as shocked as the client when he told her the whole situation.

“And then he said, ‘No, I’m in love with you.

And I’m gonna take you to my place.’

And I said, [in Thai] ‘I’ll see you in my room,’ and he went away,” she said.

“He was a little bit shocked.

He had never seen me like this before.

But then he walked away and he was so surprised that I said that to him.

I just said, okay, that’s great.

I was like, wow.

I thought, wow.”

Derr was shocked, and when she saw that her date had been kidnapped, she was even more stunned.

“As soon as he got out of the car, he started kissing me,” she recalled.

“It was like he was saying, ‘What are you doing here?

I’m going to give you a ride to my house.’

And he was like saying, [expletive] right, you’re my only friend.

I had never kissed someone like that before.”

When she returned to her house, she told her boyfriend that she was pregnant and that the client had abducted her.

“You can’t say no to a guy like that,” Derm said.

The client then came to Derm’s house and took her back to his place.

She told her family that the incident happened, and she was relieved to have her boyfriend back.

“For the first time in my life I was able to say, ‘I can’t do this anymore,'” Derm told The New York Times.

“Because he said he loved me, he did.”

Denn was the first to say she had the best date of her life.

She said she was thrilled that she and her date “had everything going for us” and that they both had “good chemistry.”

“She was so beautiful,” Denn said.

Denn has been a working actress since her early teens, appearing in such films as American Honey, Little Sister and The Lady from Shanghai.

She had a recurring role on Friends, and recently starred in the upcoming thriller The Hateful Eight.

Derm has also had numerous roles in TV shows, including The Good Wife and The Sopranos.

She is the daughter of a Vietnam veteran and is an avid soccer player.