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What is the difference between escorts and massage?

Rodeo Road was named after a famous rodeo where some of the world’s top performers had their lives changed forever when they were rescued by the police.

The rodeo is based on the popular movie “Rodeo” but it is now run by the Las Vegas Police Department, and they’re not happy with the fact that a few of its escorts were allegedly being paid for their services.

“It is really shocking, I mean the amount of money they are getting,” said Rodeos owner and promoter Tony Sommers.

“You could have an escort, you could have a massage therapist, you can have a housekeeper, you have a driver, you do a lot of different things.”

In fact, a number of escorts at Rodeocamps, including one who worked with the Missy Elliott team, have since accused the city of stealing their names and photos, and the police are now investigating.

Sommer said that while it’s “kind of disgusting,” he was not going to shut down Rodeoads because he was a victim of the escorts scam.

“There are some really good escorts out there that are really well trained and have great morals and they do a really good job, but there’s just some shady people that do this,” he said.

The Las Vegas City Council recently voted to close down Rountrop, a large Las Vegas strip mall, for the summer.

According to the City Council, there are now six police stations in the city.

But according to Sommest, it’s unlikely that any of the Las Vegans will be returning to Rodeovamps anytime soon.

“We will probably not be back for at least another year,” he told ABC News.

“I think they’re going to be really upset, because they are the victims.”

For now, Sommests is planning on keeping Rodeoes a secret.

“They have a reputation of being very, very shady, but I think that’s going to change,” he says.

“Roots is going to continue to be a very popular place, because it’s an authentic, authentic family, and it’s going be very easy for people to come and experience the escorting experience.”

Rodeostamps Facebook page says it is “a place where you can get the real thing”