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How to avoid getting kidnapped and beaten by an escort at the New Jersey Mall

We have seen some escorts being kidnapped and assaulted by men in uniform at New Jersey’s New Jersey State Fairgrounds. 

While we are not suggesting that a woman can be kidnapped or assaulted by an actual man, we would like to share some tips on how to avoid being abducted and beaten in New Jersey.

If you are a tourist, there are a number of hotels, restaurants and attractions located within the fairgrounds.

The following are tips on what to do when you spot an escort being harassed or attacked by a man.

If you spot the harassment, report it to the authorities and contact your local police.

If it is a serious incident, report the harassment to the police.

Tip #1: Report the harassment immediately. 

It’s a good idea to report the incident to your local authorities immediately.

You may have been targeted by an abusive escort, so please call your local law enforcement to file a report.

If the incident involves a crime and you are unsure if it was committed by an individual or an organization, call the New York City police department.

Tip #2: Don’t get too close to the escort.

The man who assaulted your escort was wearing a mask, and the men who attacked her had hoodies covering their faces.

So don’t get close enough to him to see the mask.

 The New York Times reports that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has ordered a complete overhaul of the state fairgrounds, including the installation of security cameras in every room, which will help police track down criminals who have abused women. 

Tip #3: If you are attacked by an undercover agent or escort, report that to the state or local authorities.

You will need to fill out an arrest warrant to report that you have been harassed, beaten, or assaulted.

If someone has already been arrested, they will not be able to sue the person who attacked you, so it’s best to file the complaint with the police department immediately.

Tip #4: If the attacker is wearing a disguise, wear a mask to protect yourself.

If an agent is wearing disguises, wear gloves and earplugs when interacting with you.

You can also call 911 if you think that the person is a member of the public.

Tip#5: Be aware that an escort can be a woman.

You do not need to take the risk of being assaulted if you are an escort.

However, if you do encounter an agent who is dressed in a woman’s clothing, you should call the police immediately.

It is important to remember that an undercover escort can have a reputation for being abusive or threatening and may try to blackmail you into letting them have sex with you, and this may lead to you becoming the victim of sexual harassment or assault.