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How to get a ‘real’ Asian girl for sex

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Asian escorts are all over the place.

You might have heard them called the exotic girls of Manhattan.

But if you want a real, authentic experience, you’ll want to make sure you’re not going for the “sexy Asian girl,” says Kelly P. Lee, a New York-based escort agency owner and writer.

She’s also an expert on the industry.

“There’s a lot of Asian women who come in here because they want a girl who will come and give them what they want,” she says.

“Asian women are a lot more mature, they’re a lot smarter than they might seem, they have their own style, and they’re very sophisticated.”

So if you’re interested in a “real” Asian girl, here are five steps to getting one.


Pick a girl you like.

If you like Asian girls, Lee says you’ll have to get her a room, and she’s not a big fan of having to pay for anything like that.


Make sure she’s available.

“It’s really hard to find girls who are available, so make sure she is available,” she explains.


Don’t forget the food.

“When I was younger, I had a big room and they had all these different dishes,” Lee says.

So “just make sure the girl has some kind of meal in her mouth.”


Ask her out.

“I’ve had a lot.

When I was young, I went out with my girlfriends and we had so much fun,” she notes.

But she admits that these days, “you have to put your trust in a girl because she will not be interested in you.”


Don’s not trying to get away from her, she’s just trying to be good.

“If she’s interested, you’re a good person,” she assures.

And you can always tell when a girl is interested in something, Lee adds.