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Singaporean escort service gets ‘sugar daddy’ title Singapore’s escort service got ‘sugary daddy’

Singaporean escorts get a ‘sour daddy’ from an American escort who pays a weekly fee to arrange their travel, according to a report.

In a piece for The Daily Mail, which is owned by News Corp., the escort service ‘AJX’ said it paid £1,500 a month to the escort to cover the cost of airfare and accommodation for two men, who were also paid a weekly salary.

The story said the men, whose identities were not released, were not the first Asian men to be approached by the company.

“The story is the result of a long-running, ongoing and sometimes contentious debate about whether or not a woman can make an escorting career work for her,” the company said.

AJIX has attracted the attention of women’s groups and politicians, who are demanding that Singapore get rid of its “sugar daddies”.

The company said it was “working closely with local and national authorities to establish a system of checks and balances and the introduction of new measures to ensure that no escort services are allowed to operate in Singapore”.

In 2014, the Singaporean Government ordered the government to set up an investigation team to investigate the claims.

Singapore’s sex workers’ rights group, the Coalition for Sex Workers, said the report was “a disgraceful case of exploitation”.

“Sex work is a complex and complex profession and in Singapore there are no guidelines for how sex work should be regulated,” the group said.

“The report reveals the need for Singapore to act to end the exploitation of Singaporeans who use escorts.”

This is a shameful report and we call on Singapore to do everything possible to stamp out this exploitative practice and stop the use of escort services.

“A spokesman for Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower told the Mail the Government “is currently investigating the allegations”.”

The Ministry of State Security is taking legal action to investigate and determine the extent of the issue,” he said.