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Inter v Bologna: Legia Warsaw v Inter Milan: Legias ace Vidal pens two assists in victory

Inter and Bolognese are to take on Legia at the Stadio Olimpico in Turin on Tuesday night.

The two sides are tied for the top spot in Serie A, but Legia are undefeated in the competition.

Inter coach Mauro Biello was keen to have his team playing at home, as he wanted to avoid any possible tension between his side and their rivals.

“We know that we can’t win by winning on the pitch, but that doesn’t mean we won’t win,” he said.

“We have to be at home to enjoy the game.”

“The last few days we have faced the worst team in the league, which is a big challenge, and we know we can beat them.

I can’t say that we will win, but we have to try.””

We will have the right conditions, and the right players, but it will be a tough task,” he added.

Biello added that he was confident that the visitors would take the lead.

“It will be an advantage for us.

We know that they have a good defence, and if we can score, then we will have a chance.””

It’s important that we give our opponents time, but also try to score as much as possible.

We can win on the line if we give them an advantage, but I’m sure we can win.”

The two teams have played just once this season, in a 2-2 draw at the San Siro in November.