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How to get free sex with an Indianapolis escort

Philadelphia escort Angelica Lee and her boss, Baltimore escort Kaya Stavrovsky, have agreed to a sex-for-hire deal with an Indiana man.

Lee, 38, and Stavrosky, 35, who both worked for the Philadelphia-based Belle Tonic escort agency, are offering to pay $60 for sex.

The men will wear black suits and white shirts, and the escort will have a private room with a private bath and showers, the two said.

Stavroskies, who has worked with Lee for several years, said she was looking for someone with “something” and wanted someone who could “help me out.”

She said Lee wanted someone to have a “long, sexy, sensual time,” and that she would “never say no.”

Lee agreed to take the men on an overnight stay in Indianapolis and spend the next week with them.

“We’ll do whatever it takes,” she said.

They agreed to meet on Friday and have sex with each other in her hotel room, Lee said.

The men, who work as “assists,” will pay Lee and Stovrosky for the weekend, according to a court document filed by the escort agency.

They also agreed to keep the escort from contacting them and to give Lee money to pay the bills.

Lee said she will be going to the police, because she wants to protect the men and to prove to them that she’s not a sex worker.

She is not in the habit of talking about the sex-trade, which is illegal in Indiana.

Stovroskies said she is “not going to make any decisions for them until they get the police involved,” according to the court document.

The escorts have no idea what will happen when they meet the men.

“I’m just excited,” Lee said of the opportunity to meet them.

“It’s going to be an interesting evening,” Stavoysky said.

“They’re going to want to talk,” Lee added.

The pair are scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. on Friday in Indianapolis.