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When It Comes to the Jersey Devil, the Valley of the Giants is the Wild West

The Valley of Giants is a place where everything goes wrong.

You get in your car, it drives around in circles, you can’t get in because it’s closed, and you just have to get off at a gate or another gate to go somewhere else.

It’s the Wild East.

The Valley is where it’s at in New Jersey, the Wild States, with an average crime rate of 12 times higher than the average state.

You’ve got a lot of guns, lots of drugs, lots and lots of crime.

You go to the Valley, you go to a lot.

It has the highest murder rate in the country.

There are two major crime-ridden cities: Newark and Camden.

In Newark, the city is a cesspool of crime and dysfunction.

It is where a lot the heroin and cocaine that has been going around, that’s been pouring in from New York, goes.

It flows out into the streets.

It starts in Newark and then it gets to Camden.

Camden has the largest number of guns per capita in the state.

There’s been a lot more gun violence in Camden than Newark.

It also has a lot higher rates of drug use and abuse, as well as a lot less money in Camden.

It does have a lot better schools than Newark, but there are also a lot fewer people in Camden, a lot lower housing prices.

In Camden, the most expensive neighborhoods are in Camden and the most affordable neighborhoods are the ones in Newark.

There is a lot that goes on there.

The police department in Camden is pretty dysfunctional, with some people who have worked in law enforcement for a long time coming out.

There was a major shooting in Camden a couple years ago, and a lot was made of that.

It was pretty big news.

There have been some changes that have been made in Camden since then, like installing metal detectors.

I went to Camden last year to talk to a guy named Anthony Rinaldi, who is the mayor of Camden.

Rinali said he’s been looking at the crime and the shootings in Camden for years, but he was concerned that there wasn’t enough money to change that.

I asked him what he thought, because he said there were some things that he was aware of that needed to be changed.

He said the first thing that he’d like to see implemented in Camden would be a new police department.

There would be more cops, but the department would be much smaller.

It would be just an organization, just a squad of police officers.

He also said there needs to be more education and training for the police.

He says there are some problems with how they’re trained.

They don’t really know how to deal with violent offenders.

They’re taught not to use guns.

There were a lot other problems that Rinalis said Camden needs to address.

They need more resources to improve the schools and the schools need to improve their safety, Rinaldis said.

I think there’s a lot there.

There aren’t a lot things going on that I think would be really good for the city of Camden, he said.

But he’s optimistic that things will get better.

I also asked him if Camden has been a problem for Newark.

Rina said that Camden has always been a city that Newark has a huge amount of problems with, he added.

I’ve seen Newark get so bad that people have said, I think it’s time for Camden to go the way of Newark.

He added that there’s also been a lack of cooperation between Newark and the police department there.

They have a problem with the way that they’re handling some of these issues, he continued.

I would say Camden is a really good place to be.

If it was a bad place, you wouldn’t have all these issues.

It could be a good place.

You can get away with a lot and still have the good stuff.

That’s what’s been happening in Camden these last couple years.

The most recent shootings, for instance, occurred in October.

That is, the day after the Camden shooting.

It took place when the city was still mourning the loss of its mayor.

In September, another officer was shot in Camden by an unidentified suspect.

There has also been an uptick in robberies in Camden over the last couple of years.

That doesn’t mean that Camden is becoming safer, though.

Rainsford said that the city has also seen a decline in the number of robberies, but that it was the city’s response to those crimes that was the problem.

We haven’t had a crime spike in the last year or so.

But the city does need to make sure that it’s doing things right, Rainsford said.

They do need to have more cops patrolling the streets, which is good, but it doesn’t solve the problem that the police have in the city. They