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How to handle palm springs on the road

A lot of times, I see a lot of people driving around in a lot more than their standard black or yellow sedan.

So, to me, I’m a little surprised to see people driving these high-end sport utility vehicles, like the new Lexus IS250, in black.

I know there are a lot out there, but this is a big departure for Lexus.

The new IS250 has a new design, but it’s a black one.

So what are the implications for drivers?

Well, I can’t talk about any specific changes, but what I can say is that the black color is really, really good.

It’s got a little bit of a matte finish, but there’s a lot to look at.

The design of the hood and front fascia, for instance, is a lot less angular than you’d expect.

The hood has a very high, slightly squared-off shape.

It doesn’t have any prominent curves.

I also love the way the side of the grille opens up.

The front grille is more open, which is more comfortable for the driver.

The hood is also a lot higher than the Lexus S500 or the IS300, which are basically all black.

It actually feels like a lot lighter, because it’s not as thick.

It is still thicker than the top of the door and the sides of the fascia.

That’s the biggest reason why I love it.

The black is just so good, and the styling is also so well thought out.

There are subtle details throughout, like an aluminum grille at the rear, the taillights on the hood, the grilles on the grills, and more.

There’s a new Lexis IS250 sedan, with an aluminum body and all-new interior.

It has the same performance as the IS350 and IS300 but also has the Lexis’ new performance package, which includes a sport package that comes with a more powerful engine, a more aggressive exhaust, a rear spoiler, and even a more aerodynamic roof.

It also includes a rearview camera, which I think is a really cool feature.

It really helps in driving the car.

It kind of adds a little extra character to the car, because the Lexuses is a sporty car, but with some performance.

The rearview cameras are actually really helpful.

There are other new features in the IS250’s performance package that you’ll notice immediately.

The interior is a bit different.

I’m going to start with the seats.

The seats are very high.

The backrests are very stiff.

They’re actually made of plastic and have some really strong padding.

The stitching in the seat is really good, because that’s a common problem on Lexus cars.

The leather seats are much nicer than the seats on the IS100 and IS200.

The cloth is also much nicer, and it’s soft.

It feels a lot better than the leather seats on most Lexuses.

The top and rear of the car have new seats, as well.

They’ve got more padding.

They have an adjustable rear spoiler.

And they also have some more aggressive styling.

The roof is also very aggressive, and I really love the roof lip spoiler, which has two lights.

It helps in making sure that the roof is completely flat on the driver and passenger side.

And you can see that the Lexuss has been doing something a little different with its seats, too.

The top of your seat is also slightly higher than on the S500 and IS350, which makes it easier to get a seatbelt on.

The side of your car is a little lower, which means that you can adjust the height of the seat.

It can be pretty difficult to get on a roof that’s high enough.

So this new roof also helps with getting a seat belt on.

You can adjust that.

And it’s also made of high-quality material.

The headliner is also made out of high quality material.

It goes through an assembly line, and then it goes through the quality control.

And the quality of the seats is good, too, which really makes a difference for drivers.

The driver’s seat has a different look, too — it has a slightly more modern look.

And that’s where I really like the seats in the new IS.

The steering wheel and pedals are all new, as is the center console.

And there’s even a small air purifier, which helps with the engine noise.

Lexus actually does a lot with these seats.

So I’m really impressed with this new design.

It looks very nice.

And I’m also impressed with the suspension.

There’s a much stiffer suspension on the rear of this car, which gives it a little more control.

The seat belts are much softer than on most other Lexuses, and you can even adjust them.

And on top of that, the new suspension also gives it that more aggressive feel, which you’d normally expect from Lexus on a sport model