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When a man asks a girl to marry him

When a woman asks a man to marry her, it’s a sign of her trust in him.

However, when a man wants to woo a woman, she should be open to any and all offers, says Anuj Gopal, a clinical psychologist and professor of sociology at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

In this case, the man had already promised her a wedding ring, but he was in the process of making an offer to her in exchange for a divorce.

He had been married for three years and had been living with his mother for over 15 years.

She had no other option but to accept his proposal, Gopal says.

The man wanted a divorce for the same reason: he wanted to get a divorce from his wife.

Gopal, who is also a clinical sociologist, is one of the few researchers who study romantic relationships.

He is also the author of the book The Way of the Lover: An Introduction to Romantic Relationships (Oxford University Press, 2017).

He said that most of the men who wanted a marriage broke up because they didn’t understand the emotional demands on a woman.

“It’s important to remember that they didn [want to marry a woman] for her [the man’s] sake, but for her sake for him,” Gopal said.

“He has a need for her, and she has a want for him.

When they come together and they say, ‘I want to get married,’ they are not talking about her as a partner, they are talking about the other person.”

Gopal’s study also found that men tend to marry women who are emotionally stable.

“They tend to be more accepting of each other, they tend to have more trust in each other and they’re less likely to make the risky decision that is, ‘Okay, we’re going to go to court and have this argument,'” he said.

The study also showed that men who are not interested in marriage tend to cheat, which is why women often don’t seek out a man who is interested in them.

“There are certain people who are attracted to those types of guys,” Gromo said.

“And these guys, they cheat on their partners.

They’re very, very dangerous.”