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How to find the right escorts in Philadelphia, NJ

Allentown, PA (November 23, 2017) Allenton, PA (November 22, 2017)–Allentown’s Escorts have always been the city’s favorites.

But now, a new book by local escort bookers says the city has lost its top spot.

“I’ve seen many a night where I’ve seen the same guys from different cities come into town, but it’s hard to get a handle on the quality of the girls,” said Emily Estrada, the founder of Allentons Escorts.

Allenton is one of only three Pennsylvania cities with at least 10,000 listings on the allentonescorts.com website.

Estrada’s new book, “The Escorts: The Secrets of the Best Escorts in America,” says there are now only around 10 escort agencies in the city, which is one reason the industry has experienced a drastic drop in demand over the past year.

The city’s escorts are known for being friendly, courteous and reliable.

But the industry is in a precarious position.

Estradas book says, “Escorts are struggling to stay afloat, and there is little hope of getting a handle.

Many of them have to cut corners to survive.”

The book claims the average fee for an escort in Allentontis city is $1,400 a night.

That’s a steep price for a place like Allentoworth, where some of the most desirable escorts live and work.

“You are going to pay that price for that level of service and professionalism,” Estradadas said.

Many of the agencies have moved to new locations because of the drop in business.

Some, like Allens escorts, have closed, while others, like Estrados, have opened up.

The book says the number of women seeking out escorts has dropped from 25% to 18%.

The number of clients seeking escorts also dropped from 30% to 19%.

Estradas said she sees fewer women come to Allentountes escorts because of increased crime in the area.

She said she is hopeful her book can help people understand why the city is in such a difficult position.

“It’s a sad situation.

And the people who live here, I don’t know if they want to see a new escort agency or see the same kind of thing happen in other places.

It’s hard, but you just have to find a way,” she said.

Estradades book is available on Amazon.