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AUSTIN ESCORT SERVICE Wants $6M To Open Next Month, Aussie escort service says

Posted August 08, 2018 10:05:37 AUSTRIA’s biggest escort service is offering $6 million to help it open a new location next month.

AUSTRALIA’s most popular escort agency, Alyssa Kay, said it wanted to open the new location in the southern suburbs of Perth and would be using the funds to help pay for renovations to the space.

It is the latest move by the business to seek capital to help keep it afloat.

“We’re going to open up our new location at the end of August,” Alyssas founder, Michelle Dyson, said.

“This is going to be our third location in a matter of weeks, so we’re hoping to get a couple of hundred thousand.”

Ms Dyson said it was difficult to make decisions about where to open, but had found an ideal location in nearby Wollongong.

“I’ve been a big fan of Perth, I love it, but I also have a bit of a passion for Perth, so this was an ideal place to start,” she said.

The Adelaide-based company, which is also based in Adelaide, was founded in 2010.

“As the business grew, we found that the market was growing very quickly, and I knew that if we could make a bit more money in Perth we could really expand our presence there,” Ms Dynes said.

Ms Dysons daughter, Jasmine, who works as a full-time escort, said she had been contacted by a number of Australian escort agencies about opening a new place.

“They’re all really keen to open new locations, and they all love Perth, and so have been wanting to go there,” she told the ABC.

Ms Kay, which was established in Perth in 2003, said there were no immediate plans for a new site.

“At the moment we’re just focused on making sure we’re doing all we can to keep up with the growth of the industry,” she wrote in a statement to the ABC’s Seven.

Alysses also has a presence in Queensland, and it recently opened an office in Sydney. “

There’s a lot of opportunity for us to grow our business in Australia, and we have a lot to offer.”

Alysses also has a presence in Queensland, and it recently opened an office in Sydney.

Ms Tait said it had a lot going for it, and was looking forward to opening the new Perth location.

“[It’s] definitely one of the better options we’ve had in Perth for some time, and this is just another step in that progression,” she added.

The Alyssias new Perth site will be one of three new Perth locations being built in the coming weeks.

Alyssia’s sister business, Kittenz, has also opened a new Perth branch.

The Sydney-based escort agency was founded by Jasmine and Kitten Z. Ms Z said it hoped to open a Melbourne branch soon, but it would need to secure funding to do so.

“It’s always exciting to be able to expand and provide services in a place like Perth,” she explained.

“The Perth market is very good, but we know that there’s a bit to do before we can expand.

We’re just getting started.”